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Our spaces

We have 9 spaces for you to explore.

From private rooms to the big and spacious main room. Every day we offer you tasty snacks – think of irresistible Portuguese pastéis de nata, the best American cookies and some delicious pancakes. We also provide lockers to store your belongings. Up for a weekly or monthly plan? These packages include a smart lock that gives you 24/7 access to the office.

Main area

The Block's main area is an open but cozy space – this is where you will be surrounded by like-minded people. In this area our regular and flex members develop their projects. From the main room you’re just one step away from the terrace and the kitchen. Every now and then, the main area becomes an event space.

Main room 

This room has space to comfortably seat a team of 12 people. Because of the big windows, the room is bright and sunny and it has privileged access to a typical Lisbon balcony.

Currently occupied

Call room

Organize relaxed meetings and calls in this cozy room. On the comfortable couches is space for 4 people.

Private office 1

This room has space to comfortably sit a team of 7 people. The typical Lisbon balcony makes this space extra stylish. Big fan of natural light? The large windows will make this private office your favorite space to move mountains.


Private office 2

This room is perfect for a team of up to 4 people. The office has direct access to the terrace and has a lot of natural light. 


Call Room

This room is the ideal place to have a video call. Want to relax? Stretch your legs on one of the sofas!

Meeting room

A typical boardroom with everything you need to discuss your latest ideas with your team. It can hold up to six people


Our kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need to prepare coffee, tea, soft drinks, snacks, or even a full meal. 

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This outdoor space of about 130m² is where our community usually hangs out to share a meal or grab a beer. With its own micro-climate, The Block's terrace is famous for being a very pleasant place to be – even during winter. This is also where most of our events take place, such as our famous Crypto Fridays!

Get in touch


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R. Latino Coelho 63

1st floor 

1050-133 Lisboa



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